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How to Choose the Right Vehicle for Your Same Day Delivery

Same-day delivery isn’t easy.

With the logistics of collecting the package and having to find a way through busy city streets to reach a destination, all within a short time period, there is no wonder very few companies can offer such a service.

Here at Quicker Same Day though, we can, and we have a fleet of vehicles to help.

But how can you be sure to pick the right vehicle for the job?

Well, in this guide, we’re going to give some advice on just that.

Let’s take a look.

The Importance of the Right Vehicle Choice

Picking the right vehicle is of huge importance.

There are many reasons for this, but here are five key ones:

  • Size – The last thing you want is for an urgent delivery to be delayed because it is too big to fit in the vehicle you have ordered. Always double check it will fit before ordering to ensure the perfect vehicle turns up.
  • Cost – While you always want a safe and secure vehicle to take your delivery, if you get a vehicle that is too large then you may be spending money you don’t need to get your package delivered.
  • Weight Capacity – If you have a large package that is very heavy, then you must make sure that the vehicle you have chosen is strong enough to carry it without any issues, or else the courier may not be able to take it.
  • Speed – With same-day delivery, speed is critical. If you are navigating busy cities such as London and Manchester, then it is always a good choice to pick a vehicle that can quickly make its way through traffic without many stoppages.
  • Reliability – This is more on the company than on the vehicle, but if you are needing an important or fragile package delivered that very same day, you must be sure you are sending it in a functioning and reliable vehicle, or else it may not get there at all.

While these are important reasons, there are also other things to consider, such as the environmental impact of the vehicle, the regulatory requirements for hazardous goods, and much more.

All combined, this makes the choice of vehicle one of the most important ones you can make when choosing your same-day delivery service.

5 Vehicle Options and the Reasons for Picking Them

Small Van

small van

A small van offers the best of both worlds.

While it has plenty of space to keep packages secure, it also offers great manoeuvrability and can deliver your package in a much quicker time than some larger vehicles.

In big cities where traffic congestion is rife, a small van is a great choice, as it can fit down side streets that many bigger vans can’t.

Our fleet contains small vans that can carry one UK standard pallet, so even if your package is a large one, it can squeeze in the back and our courier can get it there in no time.



A motorbike is ideal for delivering small packages in a lightning-quick time.

Lots of traffic? No problem as our motorbikes can squeeze to the front of the queue every time. In congested cities, this is the best choice for getting a delivery to its destination in the quickest time possible.

This is a suitable choice for small, lightweight packages, that can fit in the secure box at the back of the bike.

If you have important documents, such as passports or legal documents, for example, then this is the choice for you.

The speed and agility of a motorbike lend themselves perfectly to a quick delivery, and that’s why it is one of our most popular selections amongst our customers.

Luton Van

luton van

Another popular choice is the Luton van.

This is a van slightly larger than some of the wheel-based ones on the list, and our fleet contains a selection that can hold around 6 standard UK pallets.

With curtain and tail lift options available, this is a good choice for deliveries that are medium-sized and heavy.

These vans are great for deliveries, as their enclosed box design provides the perfect setting to provide a secure and safe delivery.

While not as quick as some other options, and definitely better for rural areas, this is a good choice for them bigger deliveries that need something a bit larger to get them to their destination.

Artic Lorry

articulated lorry

Artic lorries are the only choice when it comes to extra-large deliveries.

With the capacity to carry a whopping 26 standard UK pallets, this is a great option when you need to move a lot of stuff quickly.

While this will be the slowest option, it can be a great choice as you can fit a lot in it, meaning you get your delivery completed in one go rather than several trips.

Our artic lorries are 1360 metres in length, 250 cm in width, and 260 cm in height, and can hold a huge 26,000 kg, which means they can hold a lot of stuff.

If your delivery is of something on a much larger scale, and you can afford for it to take a little longer, this is a great choice.

Wheel-Based Vans

long transit van

If you’re looking for a balance between the much larger vehicles that offer great capacity, and some of the smaller ones which offer great manoeuvrability, then our wheel-based vans are the perfect choice.

We have three different sizes:

  • Short Wheel-Based Van – 240 cm length, 100cm width, 130 cm height, 900 kg payload.
  • Long Wheel-Based Van – 340 cm length, 120 cm width, 180 cm height, 1250 kg payload.
  • Extra-Long Wheel-Based Van – 420 cm length, 120 cm width, 180 cm height, 1000 kg payload.

What this means is that you can always find the perfect vehicle for your package, no matter the dimensions and weight.

Our wheel-based van is the best of both worlds, offering more space than a small van but with greater manoeuvrability than a larger vehicle.

This means it can handle most packages, and doesn’t lack in speed, which makes it a brilliant choice for same-day deliveries.

Same Day Delivery with Quicker Same Day

If you’re looking for speedy delivery and live in a UK city such as Manchester, London, Birmingham, Bristol and more, then we are the team for you.

We have all of the above vehicles and more in our fleet and can be on our way to your location to collect your package straight away.

We offer competitive prices, so why not get a free quote today, and get your parcel where it needs to be by tonight.