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New Study Reveals UK Ecommerce Brands Should Offer Same Day Delivery

A recent analysis of ecommerce checkouts in the UK hasInfographic found that 48% of brands offer next-day delivery as their fastest option, while 40% still have two-day (or slower) as their quickest delivery option.

The study looked to discover if online retailers were missing out on simple but effective improvements to their delivery options. The analysis focused on the speed, number of convenient delivery options, and whether brands are optimising their free delivery offers.

The report showed that 48% of brands only offer business day delivery, this could increase failed delivery attempts and inconveniences customers. While 66% only offer one or two delivery options at checkout, with 20% offering three, and 14% offering four or more, this is a missed opportunity to increase conversion at checkout.

The analysis also covered various delivery models, including instant delivery, delivery experiences and live order tracking.

Only 12% of the 50 brands analysed in the study have recently upgraded to same-day or 30-minute delivery. More brands need to be using same-day delivery to convert and please customers. A further study found that same-day delivery increased customer retention by over 15%.

Customers love faster delivery options at the checkout, and same-day delivery is definitely a major crowd pleaser.

It would appear that retailers are missing the opportunity to convert browsers into buyers by failing to mention delivery speeds at the checkout stage – in the analysis only 14% seemed to do so. While, 22% failed to inform customers of their free delivery offers on their landing page.

Delivery is a critical part of any ecommerce business, and getting this component right can be the difference between success and failure of an online business.

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