6 Reasons Why People Prefer Shopping Online Over a Physical Store

The advent of digitisation has led to the rise of internet based e-commerce websites. Between online and in-store shopping, the former has grown exponentially. More and more consumers prefer to shop online rather than going to physical stores. Store owners or brick-and-mortar retailers can be affected by the online shopping revolution, as they may lose out to online businesses.

For this reason, many traditional businesses are turning to online e-commerce sites to deliver a seamless shopping experience. Even things that are not available offline are still available for purchase online. That is the potential of buying products online in online shopping compared to shopping in store. Let’s explore some of the key reasons why online shopping is better than in-store shopping.

1. More Products Available Online

While physical stores are struggling with stock or inventory issues, online stores are known to have higher product volumes. Local stores have a certain problem of limited space in stock, while customers can browse and buy a wide variety of products online. The search option on the online store makes the product search process easier.

For online purchases, you’ll be able to access product details and brands before making a purchase, something not always possible in-store . Online shopping stores are even more helpful to those who reside in areas that don’t have large shopping centres. Some items are only available and accessible through online e-commerce sites and will not be available at local stores.

2. Discount/Voucher Codes

If we compare online shopping with in-store shopping, exclusive discount codes make a huge difference. Local stores will only offer discounts during events or festivals and some physical stores maintain a fixed price for the products they sell.

Online shopping, on the other hand, is full of coupons at all times of the year. However, the frequency and value of transactions increases during the holiday period.

Many online customers prefer to buy from online sites just because of exclusive offers and discounts. You can find some discounted products sold at higher prices in physical stores. Discount sites generate massive traffic as they provide users with the latest deals and promotions.

3. Shopping Online Saves Time

One of the great benefits of online shopping is that it can save customers valuable time. People will choose between in-store and online shopping to find the most convenient way of making purchases their busy lives.

Not everyone can visit local stores at a convenient time, this is when online shopping can be a lifesaver. Instead of searching for hours in stores, buy products online with a few simple clicks.

With online shopping compared to in-store shopping, the online shopping process is even faster than in-store shopping. Minimal steps and quick ‘Buy Now’ buttons allow users to make purchases without any hassle.

Automated account details, shipping details, payments are what reduce online shopping to seconds. Popular e-commerce companies even allow same-day or next-day shipping for a small additional fee.

4. 24/7 Shopping

The ability to shop 24/7 is something that brick-and-mortar stores can never offer. Gone are the days when you had to wait until the weekend or rush because the stores would be closed on Sundays.

Online shopping channels have put products at your fingertips with ease. Browse and buy products online at any time of the day or night without compromising your lifestyle or work hours.

However, there are some limitations on delivery time, but even this has improved in recent years. So when it comes to online retail versus in-store shopping, it’s the online that will most likely lead in the future.

5. Fast Home Delivery

When shopping in a physical store, customers also have get their purcases home. However, online shopping offers the advantage of fast door-to-door delivery without any effort from the customer.

If we consider the pros and cons of online shopping versus in-store shopping, fast home delivery is an amazing advantage. And with so many Same Day Courier services now available in the post-pandemic world, same-day delivery is now a reality for many online shoppers. Regardless of the product’s size, shape, design, or quality, online shopping delivers products directly to your home.

This feature brings more convenience to the user’s shopping journey. Customers can buy products from any location and have them delivered to their door. This is beneficial for those who have difficulty in transporting the product after purchase.

The majority of online shopping companies even offer free shipping, which simply reduces the overall cost of shopping. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs.

6. In-Depth Product Information

Online shopping and in-store shopping have many differences, and better access to product information is one of them. While purchasing products, customers want to read full details and specifications to ensure quality and performance. Most online shopping sites provide accurate product descriptions with precise details.

Online product reviews are another source for more details on product quality. Reviews are available on the Online Store as well as on third-party review sites. Through real customer experience in the past, new buyers can feel relevant connections and get assurance of product quality.

This is something you will never find in physical stores and you often rely on blind hope for the right quality products. As a result, detailed product information can be the big difference between shopping online and deciding to shop in-store.


If we analyse the statistics of online shopping versus in-store shopping, online shopping is a clear leader today. The online shopping industry is growing exponentially and looks set to go even further in the future.

There seems to be no end to it, especially in this age of technological advancement and the rise of internet users. With all the advantages and factors mentioned above, it is certain that online shopping is dominating over shopping in physical stores.

Its advanced benefits and features make online shopping stand out in the debate between online shopping and in-store shopping.

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