cardboard box with fragile sticker on it

Safe and Reliable Delivery of Fragile Items

We are often asked to transport fragile items, from freshly baked birthday cakes to elegant statues, handcrafted furniture and glass.

So how do you transport these items safely?

Even with the world’s most careful drivers the risks involved in transporting fragile items cannot be underestimated.To be absolutely certain that your goods arrive undamaged, we advise you to be extra cautious.

Here are some tips to ensure the best protection of your parcel with our dedicated same day courier service.

Invest in the right protective packing material – bubble wrap is ideal with lots of packing tape wrapped around for extra padding.

Use “loose filler” pieces, also known as peanuts, for items that may have room to move about in their cartons, making sure to use plenty to fill in the gaps around your fragile item or choose thick paper to wrap the item or fill in empty spaces in the box.

However, Polystyrene can cause static electricity and therefore peanuts are not recommended for moving electronic items. Antistatic peanuts are available, so check when purchasing.

A Cake needs much more delicate protection. Foam is a good idea – use blocks of foam wrap and cut it to size if possible, then place it in a sturdy, airtight container. We also found that if you can freeze the cake before shipping, that will help keep the cake fresh and intact throughout its journey.

Mark all fragile items with ‘This way up’ – this way we won’t tip the box the wrong way and will help to minimise movement inside the box.

Mark every package with a ‘Fragile’ notice and also use Fragile tape if you can – You can’t stress ‘Fragile’ too much.

If you have multiple packages in a shipment, you should mark 1 of 4 (for example, if there are a total of 4 packages) 2 out of 4 and so on.

This way the driver will know that the packages belong together and will help to ensure they all arrive together.

If you have multiple items in a package, pack each item separately and isolate them from each other and from each side of the box.

A dedicated vehicle is always the best way to ensure your goods are handled with care, from collection to delivery. At Quicker Same Day Couriers, we are trusted with valuable shipments on a regular basis, we recommend that you pack all goods carefully, no matter how sturdy they are, to withstand bumps and shakes on UK roads.

If you require any advice on the safest way to pack a fragile item please get in touch, we’ll be happy to help.

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